photographer - durham, nc


Moogfest Approaches

Mac Mccaughan @ The Durham Hotel

As many of you are probably aware, Moogfest is about to descend upon Durham and radically change the feel of the city for a very minimum of 4 days. Thursday will start off with incredible lectures and workshops followed by stunning performance acts scattered about the downtown area.

I encourage you to get out and spectate various acts that you may not consider your standard. One thing is certain - this festival has the propensity to modify your viewpoint and expand the way you perceive technology, arts and functions of your own creativity.

As a selfless plug, I have to mention that I'm thrilled to be officially taking photos for many musical events and plan to share live updates as the festival progresses. If you see me, come say hi! You might find yourself featured in some future Moogfest publications!